Good place for African food.

Gravatar Abidemi Norbert

Best for African food, good place to eat and take your wife /girlfriend out to eat. best music 🎶 on Saturday night.

Gravatar Bosun Salako

A very nice Nigerian restaurant

Gravatar Harrison Assam

African finest restaurant with different. A lovely and friendly environment. In fact, I felt at home when I visited.

Gravatar Obinna Nwachukwu

My first experience of Nigerian food: I was extremely impressed! Delicious. Service is very friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended.

Gravatar Alden Spiess

Very good music! The skewered beef is very good as Well!

Gravatar Anthony Iyere

Yesyes! Love this place when I touch down on that side of London!

Gravatar Anayo Nni

Great place for food and drinks amazing people and staff.

Gravatar Sahara Gold

Best place to hang out at night till dawn. Love the array of music.

Gravatar Collin Ekunie

Nice food and nice restaurant.

Gravatar Diana Tudose
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