Allergies Policy

Wazobia Restaurant recognises that some people may suffer from potentially life-threatening allergies or intolerances to certain foods.

Wazobia is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of all customers and staff through appropriate Firm Policies, operating procedures and controls.

This policy looks at food allergy and intolerances in particular.

The intent of this policy is to minimise the risk of any person suffering an allergy-induced anaphylaxis, or food intolerance whilst at the restaurant or ordering food takeaway.

The restaurant’s position is not to guarantee a completely allergen free environment, rather to minimise the risk of exposure by hazard identification, instruction and information.

This will encourage self-responsibility to all those with known allergens to make informed decisions on food choices. It is also important that the restaurant has robust plans for an effective response to possible emergencies.

This policy has been created with guidance from the restaurant’s Medical Officer and the Catering Department to ensure compliance under the Food Information for Consumers Regulation been followed

It is the customer’s responsibility to make known their allergies when ordering food. Our Waiters are also trained to ask customers for any food allergies when taking customer orders. They are also fully aware of ingredients used in preparing food dishes and will explain the ingredients upon request from customers.

The Catering Department also takes food allergies seriously and once made aware of client allergies, segregate the food ingredients concerned ensuring that food served is exactly what the customer ordered. The Catering Department continues to monitor trends in food allergies via attendance at relevant Health and Safety Training courses, Industry meetings and monitoring relevant media.

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